Investment structure: Asset deal
Purchase of non-performing loans
Acquisition through compulsory auction bidding guarantees
In exceptional cases, share deals upon acquiring at least a 90% majority ownership interest

Investment volumes: 
We prefer to invest in real estate at a minimum level of EUR 5 million, while there is no maximum investment cap. Investments should not, however, be less than EUR 1 million.

Main focus: shopping centers, mixed-use properties, retail properties, office space and residential real estate as well as hotel properties

No hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, production buildings, movie theatres, car dealerships and no stand-alone new construction projects.

Investment focus: 
The focus is on properties

• with significant rent increase potential
• with the principal tenant’s leases expiring soon
• with below-market rents
• with asset / property management potential and/or
• with opportunities for repositioning on the market
• with high vacancy and potential

Classic cash flow / income properties should not be below 7.5% in NOI.

Transaction: No bidding process

Locations: Preference for German cities with more than 50,000 residents, but also for so-called "B Locations". For cities with less than 50,000 residents, the properties should be situated in a region considered economically strong.

We would kindly ask you to submit any proposals to Mr Eric Koerzinger – ek@2lps.com